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Please. No more fucking cheese jokes. You guys.
They shall live on forever! (Beating a dead what?)

User: merci_narci
Date: 2006-11-13 19:55
Subject: (no subject)
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Yeah. Uh. Well. :) I really don't have the energy to .. spring forth this baby RPG. So I'm off to greener pastures. IM me if you need the password or anything.

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User: padfootery
Date: 2006-10-28 23:16
Subject: More stuff.
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1. I vote we use aimingquaffles for letters/passed notes/et cetera instead of AIM logs. The logs can just go in quafflethrown. Or something? We could be all creative-like and stuff. OH DUDE, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE BULLETIN BOARD? I just remembered that. Maybe we could have that in aimingquaffles, too? And have an awesome layout, and make it all bulletin-y. I DON'T KNOW.

2. So, er, what are we doing about Quidditch matches?

3. ALSO, HOGSMEADE WEEKEND COMING UP SOON. Let's say next weekend? Or something.

Anyway, you are all awesome and I love you all, and, Jesus Christ, we need some Slytherins. Like, seriously.
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User: merci_narci
Date: 2006-10-24 18:19
Subject: (no subject)
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I wanted SO BAD to comment on the Jamesy and the Sirius and I COULDN'T. But HERE I can. :D:D:D
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User: padfootery
Date: 2006-10-14 20:59
Subject: Ideas, and stuff.
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I have this theory that the reason all of these RPs seem to be kind of petering out is that nothing really happens. You know? Instead of like, "James and Sirius are walking in the woods when they meet THE BIGGEST BEAR EVER," it's more like "James and Sirius are talking," and nothing really happens.

So we need ideas, and the like. Unexpected events, one might say.

So, suggestions, anyone? For things involving your character, for things not involving your character at all. Some ideas: a Lily/Remus RP where they're patrolling the hallway and come across something unexpected (up to the players, of course); a Narcissa/Peter RP where Peter serenades his lady-love, or something of the sort. But they should have conflicts, and stuff. Or something.

(Dez -- the Sirius/James, James is talking about girls he fancies and Sirius says cruel things about all of them, really awkward, tension-filled conversation where they're both pretending everything is normal one? When you're on, we are totally doing that. And Sami -- we are also doing the Sirius & Narcissa & UNEXPLAINED ANIMAL one next time you're on, sorry I couldn't be on today.)

Also, we need a Marauders RP. But we need some kind of conflict, not just like, "THEY ARE HANGING OUT AND TALKING," because that ends up going nowhere. Any ideas?

So, yeah, we should all brainstorm together about any and all possible RPs. And mini-plotlines. And stuff.
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User: getpronged
Date: 2006-10-08 03:39
Subject: (no subject)
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I am an awful mod everyone, I'm sorry. Maia and I are supremely busy, as are you all, I'm sure, but we're trying our best and giving our all to get this community up off the ground.

You're all fantastic. ♥

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User: padfootery
Date: 2006-10-05 19:53
Subject: (no subject)
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Or something.

I am so sorry, I have been a terrible mod, but I have so much homework and I'm doing like two plays and agl;ksjlkgj but I am totally working on this hardcore this weekend.

So, we need plot-y stuff, and events, and stuffs to do.

Any ideas?
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User: padfootery
Date: 2006-09-28 17:52
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Sooooo, as you can see, we tried the odd-style-of-commenting (read about it here, if you haven't), and, sure enough, I found something a little wrong with it. If you're not replying to each other's comments, obviously you're not going to get the comment alert in your inbox. SO, this is where LJ's new Stalker-Feature comes in friendly. If you're involved in an RP in which you won't be replying directly to comments, just to the post, all you have to do is click that little thumbtack to watch the post.

Sound good? Sound bad?
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User: padfootery
Date: 2006-09-27 20:01
Subject: More modly things.
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Tags:mod stuff

Er, so we need to clean up, and stuff. (Dez, we need to have a talk about the userinfo. XD) Any irrelevant posts, you know, OOC-stuff that is no longer relevant, or IC posts you made because, er, you were bored and we weren't really doing anything? It would be awesome if you deleted them, so we can start afresh and stuff. ('Course, you really don't have to, it's all good. :D)

Few questions:

- What tense should the narrative-style RPing be written in? I'm all for it being really up to the players' choice, or, if it's more than two, whoever starts it will pick their tense, and everyone else should make their sentences agree.

- Also, tags? Should we tag them? Should we not tag them? WHAT DO WE DO WITH THEM? :x

- Er, and also, just general cleaning up and fixing and editing. Any suggestions?
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User: padfootery
Date: 2006-09-26 21:17
Subject: MODLY POST.
Security: Public
Okay, so we open Friday! This means that tomorrow and Thursday, your lovely James and I shall fix up the userinfo, fix up the rules, fix up the links, everything. So we can be all set to go, Friday. It shall be glorious, just you wait and see.

(I was thinking the first post could be narrative-style and LJ-based about, er, the Hogwarts Express, or something? Seemed like a good start. IDEAS, PLEASE.)

ALSO, new people. Remus and Narcissa! So go make them feel welcome, or at least poke them with sticks, or something.
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